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Studio Open House
The Showroom will be open Saturday, December 11, 10am-5pm. Until then the studio showroom is open by appointment. Send us an Email if you would like to be on the mailing list for notification of upcoming glass related events.
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Visiting Artists
Damon MacNaught David Graeber Johnathon Schmuck Jose Chardiet
Sean Albert Pablo Soto Andrew Noga
Alexis Silk
Nikolay Kirillov
Andi Koval & Justin Parker Leigh Taylor Wyatt Orfeo Quagliata David Moiel Michael Ruh
Mark Rosenbaum Afro Celotto Carol Jane Campbell Claire Kelly
Anthony Schafermeyer
Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen
Jasen Johnsen

Michael Hofmann Nicole Kibath Mitchell Gaudet
Stephen Paul Day
Jim Vella Laura Donefer Jeff Holmwood
2019 Damon MacNaught - Tennessee
2017 David Graeber - New Jersey
2013 Johnathon Schmuck - California
2009 Jose Chardiet - Providence, RI
2008 Sean Albert - Washington
Pablo Soto - North Carolina
Caleb Siemon - California
Alexis Silk & Andrew Noga - California
Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen & Jasen Johnsen  -  Washington
Alex Gabriel Bernstein  -  North Carolina
2007 Nikolay Kirillov - St. Petersburg, Russia
Andi Koval & Justin Parker - Portland, OR
2006 Leigh Taylor Wyatt - Austin, TX
Orfeo Quagliata - Mexico
2005 Michael Ruh - London, England
Mark Rosenbaum - New Orleans, Louisiana
2004 Claire Kelly & Anthony Schafermeyer - New Orleans, LA
Carol Jane Campbell - St. Albert, Alberta, Canada
Afro Celotto - Murano, Italy
2003 Nicole Kibath - Oakville, Canada
2002 Jeff Holmwood - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen - Mt. Vernon, WA
Jasen Johnsen - Mt. Vernon, WA
Nicole Kibath - Oakville, Canada
2000 Nicole Kibath & Michael Hofmann - Toronto,Canada
Laura Donefer - Montreal,Canada
Mitchell Gaudet - New Orleans, LA
Stephen Paul Day - New Orleans, LA
James Vella - New Orleans, LA
1999 Nicole Kibath & Michael Hofmann - Toronto, Canada
1997 Michael Meilahn - Pickett, WI
Workshops at Houston Studio Glass
March 2000 Mitchell Gaudet-5 day Casting Workshop
Collaborations with Houston Artists
Penny Cerling -Etched plate for "Black Hole" series, Hooks-Epstein Gallery, Houston, February 1999
-Sand Casting for Pipe Vine series, Hooks-Epstein Gallery, Houston, Texas, Fall 2000
Dixie Friend Gay -Cast Glass-Military Sword, McMurtrey Gallery, Houston, Texas
-Cast High Heeled Foot, New Gallery, Houston, Texas
-Cast & painted hand
-Blown forms in copper armature
-Blown vessel for Kiddish cup, Margolis Gallery, Houston, Texas
-Sand Cast Organic Fossils & Ferns,"Primeval Swamp", Michelson Museum of Art, Marshall, Texas April 2000
J Hill -Cast Crackers, McMurtrey Gallery, Houston, Texas
Sharon Kopriva -Blown vessel-"Egg" for Birds of Prey, Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston
Rubin Samelson -Project to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Holocaust Museum, Houston
Ed Wilson -Sand Cast-faces, gun, heart; April 2000
-Kiln cast crystal "tree", March 2001
Paul S. Zeigler -Light/Shadows: Reflections on the Art of Glass, FotoFest 2002
-Monet's Water Lilies: Glass and Photographs, FotoFest 2004
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